Rudolph Tegner's Museum

Rudolph Tegner’s Museum

The permanent collection of the Tegner Museum counts 335 of Sculptor Rudolph Tegner’s artworks. The majority of the originals are made of plaster, however, there are also artworks in marble and bronze. All his life, Rudolph Tegner refused to sell the originals but was willing to sell casts and marble versions. 

In 1937-38, Rudolph Tegner realised his dream of building a museum for his artworks. As entrepreneur he himself has selected the design of the museum, both aesthetically and functionally, which apart from being one of the earliest preserved concrete buildings where the concrete is both used as a functional and aesthetical means, was a very visionary museum.

Rudolph Tegner is buried under the floor in the large hall in the centre of the building. In 1950, he was lowered down in the burial chamber in a large oak-wood coffin. Elna Tegner was cremated and lies in an urn in the footing of the statue “Apollon”, also in the large hall in the centre of the building.